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Can't find Monument

I have a google Pixel running android 7.  I've installed the app and followed the directions and bluetooth is on on my phone.  It just says "Trying to find Monument" Please get closer to your device and the light on the monument is blinking blue.

When I plug it in via HDMI to a monitor it is just pointing me at the page to download the app, no other information is there.

Hi Steve,

We have tried testing with several models, but unfortunately testing with all models is not quite possible. Some of the Android models we tested were unable to find Monument at first try, but were able to complete the setup successfully after power cycling the phone. Did you try that?

Thank you

Steve, you have an open ticket #93, our support team will be assisting you with that ticket.

I'm closing this topic as it is probably caused because of a, now, known issue: