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App crashes after verifying email

I am using Samsung s7 and the app crashes after logging in. I have tried rebooting uninstalling and then reinstalling and no luck.

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Thank you.

Hi John, Jason,

The team has identified the problem and they are working on this issue as we speak. We're anticipating a new release which resolves the issue in the coming days.

Please follow the latest new about this problem here:

Closing this issue, as it's covered in the above topic. Feel free to submit a ticket for another problem.

I am having the same issue with my S7.  I enter my name and email address, then press continue and it crashes every time.  The first time I did that I got an email saying my address was confirmed, and I don't get another each time, but I can't get past the crash even after a reboot and uninstall/reinstall.

Hi John,

I'm sorry for the inconvenience. 

To provide detailed information for our technical team: does the app crash right after you type in your name and email or after your email is verified and you click on 'Continue to set up your Monument'?

Thank you.