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Desktop access to Monument connected USB drives

I think it is very important to have access to the Monument connected USB drives via the network. If I use Monument to import my photos, I need to be able to access them from my photo editing software. At this point I don't care if the AI info is accessible via Lightroom, Photoshop or whatever but I need to be able to access the photo's from those programs so a network drive letter for each connected disk seems the easiest way to go..

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I came here to make the same suggestion. Having network access to these photos from a PC is crucial. I am enthusiastic that the company is designing things "Mobile First", and I wouldn't change that, but we do need to consider the actual use case of users with lots of photos. If I'm enthusiastic enough to have a camera that uses an SD card, and I bought this storage device for my plethora of photos, chances are I would like to edit my photos.

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This is the main reason I bought Monument. The company is promising USB access on January 15 here.

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@Momba - I believe that is actually referring to using the USB slots on the unit itself for storing photos (you know, the big open of space of plastic that you fill with a HDD on the Monument unit). As in, you cannot use an external HDD with Monument until this feature is released on January 15th. 

This still leaves an open question of how / if / when we would be able to access photos stored on the Monument, from a network connected PC. A simple network drive would be the best option, and would allow easy usage of third party apps like Photoshop, or even Apple Photos app for Mac. If the only way to access my photos is through a mobile device though, I will be selling my Monument quite early. Again, I believe it is important for mobile development to be high priority, but this issue of PC access cannot be ignored. 

If a network share is not easily accomplished, then perhaps a syncing application for PC/Mac would work instead? Something where I can upload photos to Monument from my PC, and also download them to my PC. This would allow for editing of the photo in third party apps, and then I can manually upload the edited copy back to Monument. 

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Mobma, the only thing on the roadmap in your link is photo import from USB drives. Both import/export from the same drive and desktop access to connected USB drives are not on the roadmap yet.

Yikes. I must have misunderstood. The main reason I bought this device was for the ability to more easily store and categorize the DSLR pix I process through LightRoom. Once they get this product working (my device still isn't) I was planning to consolidate all my Lightroom pix onto the Monument drive. You're saying Lightroom won't be able to access the Monument drive storing my pix?

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Chris Rhein, to be accurate, right now you can use a USB hard drive connected to the Monument to store photos. What is not supported is the import of photo's from a USB drive. After 12/15/16 you will be able to import files from a USB drive but they have yet to set a target date for the ability to both store files on a USB drive and also import files from that same drive.

Thanks for the clarification Bill. I haven't actually tried using mine yet, as the iOS app was not available on the day it was delivered. 

I have a similar issue.  I want network access from my Windows 10 PC to the Monument drive so that I can easily push the many, many photos that are on the computer's hard drives to the monument attached drive.  This will give me a backup, and an easy way to have all of my photos in one place.  

An *alternative* would be to give the monument the ability to access a network mounted drive.  I am willing to hook the hard drives to a router, or another network attached device if the Monument would seamlessly read/write to those devices.  In fact, since the Monument only supports USB 2.0, this might actually be better.  (New drives are all supporting USB 3.0, for faster access.)

I would like to see both direct mounting of the remote file systems (both ways -- mount the Monument attached drive onto PCs, and mount Network Attached Storage to the Monument) as well as a web interface for browsing, managing, and uploading pictures.

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If I can't access the photos from my Mac PC/Photoshop and store them back to Monument, the whole product is useless for me.

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Gina, while we are considering this as a future possibility, we actually never promised this. This device is not a NAS. We have been very clear about that.

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@Monument, I like many probably did not do enough research before backing this Kickstarter.  Those of us who use cameras for photography as opposed to phones incorrectly saw this project as being designed with us in mind.  The reality is that the Monument is really just as you described in your campaign had we read it and is just a simple organization and backup device for mobile devices.

If I had this to do over again I would not back Monument as it will not be able to play in my photographic workflow at all without desktop access.

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I do hope you choose to implement this option.  Thanks for your quick response. 

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You are welcome, Gina.

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Bill, I had to read your message twice, because I incorrectly jumped to the wrong assumption myself. The Monument product today as originally described, but rest assured that we have (6) consumer segments that we are targeting, and one of those segments is 'pro' / 'prosumer'. Obviously, that segment is more challenging because of special requirements like CF cards, and 'NAS' like features, and a much heavier footprint in 'RAW' file format, but we intent to inch towards that direction once we have some breathing room.

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