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Won't read SD card

Your device won't read any of my SD cards. I'm using the Android app. Suggestions?

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Are your cards SDXC, SDHC or standard SD Cards?

Currently Monument supports only SD and SDHC cards.

I use several of the following: Kingston SDHC version 4 (16GB) and SanDisk SDHC version 10 (32GB).

For what it's worth, the blue light on the front of your device is flashing. There are no prompts on the Android app to do anything.

I am using the iPhone app and a 8GB SanDisk Ultra.  I get a prompt on the app "What would you like to do?  Ignore / Import Once".

When I click on Import Once, the flashing blue light changes to solid white but no photos are copied.

I even tried moving the files to the root folder instead of the \DCIM\100MSDCF\ folder.

I reformatted my card in the camera and the import worked!

I tried reformatting a blank card, but that didn't work for me. I have several other cards with pix ready to go. What should I do, Monument?

I use the iPhone app and have this issue. No prompts like it doesn't recognize the card. I've tried various cards. I can't reformat my cards because they are full of photos.
When will it support sdxc?
When will it support sdxc

For SD cards, we currently only recognize the following formats: FAT32, NTFS, and HFS+. SDXC is not supported but  SD / SDHC are. 

Can't say you support SD / SDHC when your device doesn't read either. All my SD cards are formatted for Canon cameras, so there's nothing unusual there. Your device is gathering dust on my desk. What should I do, Monument?

What is the format of the SD/HC cards that you are using, and size as to whether they are bigger than 32G?

As I posted above, all my SDHC cards are 32GB or smaller. Like millions of other consumers who bought the world's most popular camera brand, my cards were formatted in Canon DSLR and point and shoot cameras. If you tell me how to check the exact formatting of my SD cards, I will do it and post here.

Looks like we never responded to this. Apologies. If you are using a Mac, inserting the card in the SD slot, selecting it, and then hitting ⌘I (or selecting File:Get Info in Finder) will display Get Info on the SD card, and format will be indicated. If you are on a PC, check the SD card's properties.

  • No. This problem is not solved. Your paperweight still will not read SD cards formatted in Canon DSLRs. I run Windows 10. This is ridiculous. When will you make your device work?What do I need to do to make my $119 purchase work?

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