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Setting up Monument Internet Connection has no back/cancel button

As described in a previous ticket, when I connect on a secure wifi connection, the Monument storage box app will not connect. Thus, a "back" or "home" or "cancel" button of some sort should be available.  Currently it is not, so I have to quit the app (iOS) and re-open it back up again to get back to the home screen and start again.

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Thank you for your comment. I moved this as a topic, so other users can also vote on it or make comments. It also help our development team to keep track of requests.

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Probably a nice feature to add but I'd prefer fixing the problem that causes the storage box app to NOT connect.

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The wifi setting is ridiculous. It tries unsuccessfully to connect to our wifi without asking for a password of any kind. How am I supposed to connect it if there isn't an option to manually connect it to wifi? I just received it and am very frustrated because I've been trying to set it up for two days and it can't get past the device software update. 

It will connect to your Wi-Fi that is setup on your mobile device. But it will ask a password first, as long as it is a 2.4GHz Wi-Fi access point. Please see this and also this.

I always support anything that improves usability!



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