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Support for SDXC exFAT cards that contain more than 32GB of storage

More and more SDXC cards are being released to the point that it there are few reasons not to purchase an SDXC card over an SD card. Also, a 32GB maximum is rather small in the age of high-resolution cameras and 4k video. I am requesting formal support for supporting SDXC cards and cards that have are larger than 32GB in size.

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Yes this is a must! My DSLR sd cards are mostly over 32GB and means that it will not work with this device.

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Add me to the list!


Same here!! Bought it specifically for my dslr photos.

This is on our list of things features to implement, and currently sitting fairly high there. Thank you for your patience.

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Make sure to like the idea everyone!

Very important feature. Thanks for putting it on your priority list. I appreciate your transparency.

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Guys I know that you are working hard, but you need to step it up. This feels far from a product that was ready to market, this was my first kickstarter project and I have been dissapointed by the functionallity. I bought it to use with my SDXC cards and I was planning to use it for all my winter break photos and I feel I wont be able because it is not ready. If I dont have it by winter break I will need to buy a WD cloud. 

Hopefully you can get it ready on time, I believe in the teams effort's Im just hoping these can produce results before christmas.

Rodrigo, we have no planned support for SDXC before Christmas, as it does require exFAT. Early next year is our best hope.

What is exFAT?

Why was this not planned with time?

This is not a feature that is on the original feature list. We are considering this for the future.

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