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Monument device software needs to be updated

IOS App Hard drive installed HDMI plugged in Connected to wifi network successfully It's been sitting at this screen for over an hour now with no progress
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What do you see on the TV/monitor that's connected to Monument?

I have a similar issue with iOS. 1. I previously connected with Android. It functioned just as you said it would. 2. Both iOS installs hung up on that screen. 3. After 45 minutes I determined I could push the photo menu button and it would go to photos. 4. But if I close the app and reopen, it goes back to that screen.

Same Problem. Note 4 running 6.0.1 Rebooted phone and device. No luck. 

Very frustrating. 

I'm getting the same issue, it's been about two hours

Hello, all.

I am having the same problem here. Here is how things unfolded for me:

  1. I received my Monument and then purchased two new drives.
  2. I formatted them and got everything plugged in.
  3. I downloaded the iOS app and opened it up.
  4. I successfully connected to my Monument, and successfully connected it to my network.
  5. The app loaded that software-update screen that Jason shared. It has been an hour, and it's still there. And the blue light on my Monument is blinking.

On the app, I can tap through other screens just fine. This update screen is only on the Photos tab. Album and Browse look normal (yet unused). The odd tab is Settings, which is exhibiting a warning flag (red circle encompassing an exclamation point). If I tap into that tab I see some settings options, but no warning or error message. The only reason I know there's something wrong is because of the warning flag on the Settings tab icon.

So at this point my Monument is unusable. Please advise.

Thanks in advance.

I am on day 2 and still nothing. Very anticlimactic after buying this device, waiting so long. Buying 2 HDs then setup doesn't work. 

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Same here on iOS 

We are releasing a new version of the iOS client today that will resolve a number of issues. Thanks for your kind patience as we work through all of the reported issues. Kind regards.

I'm with Josh about having purchased the drives and been excited waiting all this time, only to have it not work out of the box. I look forward to that update, and really hope that it works.

Mark, apologies for the issues that you have had, but rest assured that we are working hard to address all of them as soon as we can. And we will continue to stand behind this product.

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I got a message asking if i was connected to HDMI and the answer is yes. I am still having this problem BTW.

If you are not able to update the firmware with HDMI connected to a monitor or a TV, we'd like to know the circumstances better, as we do not have an issue with the firmware upgrade proceeding under those circumstances. Please provide information on exactly what's happening, and how the firmware update fails. Apologies for any inconvenience and kind regards.

This is what is on my screens. It just keeps saying it is updating. I'm afraid to turn the monument off because i don't want it to screw up the update but its not doing anything.

(87.1 KB)
(1.73 MB)

ok so now i unplugged and plugged back in monument and now it says to insert a hard drive. there is a hard drive attached. So now what