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[Known Issue] Deleting photos do not work

Our development team has identified that there is a bug when deleting photos, which has since been fixed and will be included in the next release. 

Next release is scheduled for December 1st. 

I have already updated the firmware to 1.1.8 which is shown at the lower left corner on the TV.  The delete function is still not working

The improvements are shown here. That correction does not seem to have made it in there, but will.

You're correct.  I just loaded the latest firmware update, and nothing.  Can't delete, can't Search for anything, can't tag photos, can't use HDMI port to view photos, can't even do basic photo management.  The more I use it, the more worthless.  Didn't sign-up for a non-working Beta device.  Wasting my time here.

This fix was rolled out with 1.1.15. Available for first time users as a network update or through SD card recovery for the affected units.

If you're running 1.1.15 and unable to delete a photo please create a ticket with us and we will look into it.

Thank you.

Is there a way to see what version of the firmware is install via the app? Or do you have to hook Monument back up to a TV? It would be great to see this (and maybe some other basic status information like IP address) from the app itself.

Good suggestion. We'll look into providing this information.

@Joe Koytch Actually you kind-of did, being that this is a kickstarter project. I don't particularly love the process either, and software development being behind schedule can wreak havoc, i.e. these additional firmware issues, but it is what it is, we have to wait it out. You should know going into any Kickstarter, that it's going to be rough in the early days. These guys are trying hard and working tirelessly I'm sure. Are there a lot of problems, yes! But I still have confidence that they will pull through.

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Chris, thanks so much for the support. We are here for the long haul, and we are standing behind this product no matter what. We are as passionate about this product as ever, and we'll take it to where it needs to be, thanks to support of people like yourself. We are simply here because of people like you. Thank you.

@Chris Rhein - I've spent 38 years as a corporate electronic engineer, so very familiar with development processes, issues, etc, plus 50 years doing photography.  You only advertise to your customer what you will deliver, which is what I saw on the Indiegogo campaign that I supported, and even the Monument updates received.

Yes, there will always be tweaks in firmware where you can enhance the performance, fix a bug, or add new functionality.  So in a deliverable product, all the advertised functions should have been tested and actually work.  You can always add new functions, make them perform better, add additional interface capability, fix minor bugs, etc.  In this case with what I received, most advertised basic functions did NOT work at all.

Such a development product in any business would be considered in the prototype stages.  That's a product that is normally tested for functionality of all advertised capabilities, and then fixes made to it so that Beta testers can provide feedback.  That's all BEFORE it goes to the customer.  I'm not the Beta tester for this product.  Those efforts should have all been done prior to shipping and not relying on the customer to find that the basic capabilities don't even work.

Based on what I'm seeing, it will be months before it operates as advertised, so it's useless to me now. Even basic photo tagging, something common in most photo management software, doesn't even exist.  So I can't even search or find my photos since I can't put a tag on it and the inherent AI capability in the product doesn't find them either.  Everything has very limited function or doesn't even work.

From a corporate business view, an engineer and management would be fired for allowing such a product to be released in this state of development.  But, it appears it was released early on purpose to make the schedule look better, which doesn't help the customer at all.  Maybe you're Ok playing beta tester for a long while and waiting some months for hopeful solutions, but it serves me no purpose.

The idea was good, but didn't reflect well in reality since it was released too soon.  I sent both of mine back.  If in a year or so they have a good tested competitive product that works and has regular photo management capability, I will again consider it.

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Like many other people here I was looking forward to a promise which with respect has not been delivered in a slightest. After days of countless attempts to get the plastic box to work I must say I regret I ever bothered. The whole setup process is way too convoluted - HDMI, bluetooth, TV screen and a telephone are required to take you onto a journey .... A never-ending path of failures. To date I've not managed to get more than 170 photos to show under Photos in the app...even though apparently over 400 were uploaded from my phone.

I could not put it more eloquently than Joe Koytch did: 

For now I just want to return the useless box and have my money back. As a sign of my goodwill and appreciation for the creators I will consider waiving my fee for the time wasted on setting that bloody thing up.

WOW comments need to be approved! 

+1 @Chris Rhein

I agree that Monument could have been clearer about what was actually going to be delivered and the level of functionality available BUT after the long wait I really appreciate the fact that the team shipped the units and so I have it in my hand, it's actually a real thing and no longer something I'm waiting for.

Like everyone else I cannot wait to get more functionality, but I've not had it before now so I'll spend my time looking forward to it, not complaining it isn't available yet.

Keep up the good work Monument, in a few months you'll have an awesome, market leading product on your hands and these days of trouble will be behind you.

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@Julian; thank you so much for the kind words. Much appreciated.