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Allow access from another device

I cannot find the access code option. In all cases, I got in via the reset code that came with the setup email.

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After much sweat and tears I got the Android app working. I had to reset and that results in a duplicate entry for the tablet.

I then brought up the iOS app and it asked for an access code from the Android app, but the Settings dialog has no access code field.

In addition, the iOS app's access code dialog on my iPhone 4s covers up all the Continue and Recover buttons so there is no way to reset from iOS, no way to get an access code. Dead in the water.


I'm having the same problem. iOS app version 1.0


We had to disable the Access code feature until the next release as we had a couple of issues with it. We are targeting a new release for tomorrow on iOS, and we intend to reenable it shortly. Thanks for your patience. In the meantime, using the recovery code is a good workaround.

The Monument Team

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I never got a reset code and I can't log in. Is there a devise reset?
I'm having the same problem. I can enter the recovery code but the "keyboard" covers up the button need to continue once code is entered. Problem is occurring on both iPhone 6s and iPad mini.

Matt, a factory reset option will be available soon.

M_retzlaff, this has been fixed and is currently pending verification from Apple for release.

Having same issue. In my determination to get the app to work on the iPhone 6, I reinstalled it now now Monument app requires an access or recovery code to finish the setup. Please fix. Still excitingly waiting to use this.

The App has been available as of last night, please give it a shot and let us know.  Thanks.

I downloaded the new app. I can now log in but the when I connect the device to my tv via the HDMI cable, the message says the firmware download is complete but my iPhone indicates the device remains in a continuous loop and is still downloading software. I tried deleting and reloading the app again and have the same problem.
I downloaded the new app but when I connect the device to the TV, the TV indicates that the download is complete but according to the APP, the download is still in progress and never finishes. I can't upload any photos.
Still can't get acces without a code or recovery code. What would my recovery code be? I never got one.

A recovery code is sent to everyone during initial setup, but certain email carrier's messages never got through. Some ended up in junk mail folders. We have now addressed this issue, but we are in the process of implementing a reset feature which will enable everyone to reset the unit and start again without having a recovery code.

Found the recovery code in the email sent, thank you.