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Upload Photos From iPhone Photo Library

Hey Monument team, Maybe I just haven't figured it out yet or haven't waited long enough but is there a way to upload all of the photos that are already in my iPhone photo library directly to my monument? I just took a new photo after setting up my monument which uploaded successfully, but none of the photos that are currently on my phone prior to receiving my monument are uploading. Thanks! Justin

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We have no direct way from iPhoto, but the easiest way to import photos is via the SD card slot at the moment. In the near future, we will also implement importing from the HD. But for now, put them on an SD card that is formatted either with FAT32, NTFS, or HFS+ (avoid exFAT). Insert the SD card into Monument using the slot in the front, and let it import all of the pictures. Depending on the size and the contents of the SD card, this may take a while.

The Monument Team

How can the monument-stored photos be viewed?

Those photos should be available to you to view / search etc. on your mobile device. Soon, they will also be viewable on your TV or monitor through an HDMI connection. 

I thought an update was coming that was going to fix the phone app from crashing? And I thought it did upload older photos - it has started to upload older photos of mine and then crashes.  It's basically a non-functional device until you update the software.


What about viewing via AppleTV and macOS ???

What about viewing on AppleTV and macOS ???


Our updates tend to get stuck in Apple's update queue and take days to clear. Android Apps tend to go through far faster.


We have a host of integration ambitions, but we first need to address the existing roadmap here.

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