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Lock the hard drives in place (Was: IDEA!)

Hey I was thinking on your next model you need to have a little piece of plastic that turns to lock the hard drives in place so they don't slide out. Just a thought.

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Thank you for this suggestion. We had considered this during development multiple times, and it is still an ongoing discussion. We will most certainly continue to keep this as a live idea for future development. Thank you kindly for taking your time and letting us know. Cheers.

The Monument Team

I'm going to use pieces of velcro tape for now. It should be pretty easy to put a piece near the bottom edge of the "box" and the matching side on the bottom of the drive.

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I used a nice length of X'mas ribbon: front to back, to hold the HDD in place.
Maybe later will use a thick rubber band to hold the HDDs in place.


One idea could be to have a drawer that can be pulled out to hold the drives, and which can stick out a bit in case the drives are bigger than monument. Would also look cool when sold, as the back does not show this huge cave.
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