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IPhone 5S Cannot Find Monument

I have power cycled both the phone and the Monument several times. I have hooked it to a TV with the HDMI cable. IPhone setup shows Bluetooth is on, but does not show the monument device in the Bluetooth list. Monument app says cannot find monument, even when they are touching. HDMI display says please use the monument app on your smart phone to set up Monument light is blinking blue with an occasional white flash. This is the version with the wired network port, which is not plugged in.

We've seen some Android devices having Bluetooth connectivity issues. We have discovered that on occasion restarting the phone solves this problem. Alternatively, turning the Bluetooth off and then back on on the phone seem to also help. Please note that Monument only supports Bluetooth 4.0 and up for the initial setup.

The light blinking blue and occasional white flash is something new. We escalating that to engineering. Thanks for letting us know, 

Same Issue.  iPhone 6.  Also with Samsung.


Michael, our engineering will contact you. For Android, it has been reported that if you turn off Bluetooth, then reboot the phone, then run the Momentum app and let it turn on Bluetooth, it tends to work best.

Rebooting has done nothing with either phone.
Having the same problem here with iPhone 6 Plus. Rebooting did not help.

What color is the light in the front, and have you tried without a disk attached?

Disconnecting disks did help. Thanks! My light was blinking blue with an occasional white blink (maybe between every 4-5 blue blinks) when I was unsuccessful. Disconnecting disks resulted in steady blue blink.

Awesome. Thanks for letting us know.