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Can't delete faces

The option to delete suggested faces exists but when i select a face and choose yes to delete, the face is still there.
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Mike, this is a report of a bug we have not heard before. We reported it to engineering. Thanks for giving us a heads up. Kind regards.

Cool.  I also tried messing around with the Faces feature and found some other issues.

1. The app suggests multiple faces for the same person.  I labeled a face but I have no way to add others from the suggestion list.

2. After labeling the face I cannot delete or edit the label name.


For #1, that feature is already implemented. If you name two faces the same name, it will ask you to merge them. For #2, renaming not presently implemented, but will be implemented. Thanks once again for your patience.

Quick question, once I mark a face, I currently can't delete it? Also: when I add a suggested faces, some pictures associated do actually not have any person in them at all? Is this intended? I assumed that the filter would only filter pictures in which is recognizes the person.

There was such an issue, but we believe we have resolved it with the latest App + firmware. You should be able to delete. No face should is an error on the recognition, and should be deleted.We have very high accuracy, but it is not 100%.

Still cannot delete faces with new firmware. Using iOS app v1.1.0

We did become aware that of a lingering issue since I wrote the last message, we'll need a bit more work.

Same problem for me, cannot rename/delete the face