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Recovery code

I never got a reset code and I can't get onto any of the apps because I don't know acces code or reset code. Can you reset the device and start over?

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I have the same problem. About the 3rd problem I've hit so far. Very frustrated.

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Apologies for the early issues here, but the access code issue will be addressed middle of next week with the App release after the next one. The recovery code issue has been resolved, and we are considering to resend for people who have not received. In the meantime, checking your junk mail folder may help. Thanks for your patience. 

I run my own mail server, I have no junk mail folder. the email was never delivered


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Same issue here - need recovery code... there's no way to resolve this until the next release?

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Same issue - Need an access code to start over.


You actually need recovery code to start over. We are in the process of releasing the Android App with reset today. iOS to follow.

I have same issue. And I have no mail in junk folder.

We will be releasing a new Android update today which will have the reset as well as the access code capabilities. iOS App to follow shortly. Thank you for your patience.

Unreal.  Updated app.  Clicked factory reset.  The serial number on my device is missing.  Just a blank white rectangle.

Are you saying that the serial number you are to enter on the screen which in turn you need to read from the bottom of the unit is missing? So, you do not have a serial number tag at the bottom of the unit? 

Running reset here it finds the device and nothing further happens.

As in it cannot connect to set it up again?

No, as in it finds the device and nothing happens. I have filed a ticket with a screenshot and more details. Just got no update on it
My device is same status. After reset, my monument is found and led light became blue. I re-launched the app, but nothing is changed. Still requesting to insert access code.