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This thing SUCKS!!!!

You can't back up your camera roll (not disclosed when sold), you can't use an SD card bigger than 32g,??? Those are the two things I bought this for. This is a glitchy, non-functional, undeveloped hunk of shit. Wow, any photo I take on my phone is uploaded - but I can't delete them? Amazing. The one thing it does is useless and only part way functional. Early adopter tax strikes again. Avoid this device at all costs.

We understand your frustration, but rest assured that we are standing behind our product. We are a small start-up, and our team is working long hours to update the firmware, the Android App, and the iOS App. We put a lot of effort into this product, and went above and beyond to certify the product on various international certification bodies which is relatively uncommon for a start-up, because we are intend to stay with and support this product in the long term. 

We wanted to get the product into our earliest supporters hands as soon as we can, and unfortunately, there has been more problems than we anticipated. But we are working hard to address all of them to give you the product that we ourselves also want to use. In the meantime, if this is a source of frustration, please take a break from using the product in the next couple of weeks as we iron out these unforeseen kinks. We certainly don't want you to feel like a Beta tester if you did not sign up for that. But rest assured, this product will work as promised. We are making daily improvements in that direction, and we will not stop until the product offers a seamless experience. 

The Monument Team

PS. Expecting something you bought on Kickstarter to be as seamless experience as something you might buy from Apple may also be a false expectation. Consider the following kind comment left for another product as an alternate perspective:

Toby Newton on December 16, 2015

Thanks for the latest update. Just wanted to say that, as far as I'm concerned you've done a great job the whole way through. TBH anyone who imagines that backing a Kickstarter project has the same degree of predictability as buying a finished/established product from Amazon or whatever has missed the point. So, I hope that you - and other Kickstarters - don't get into the habit of apologising for hitches, delays and detours. That's the nature of the game, and if the expectation becomes otherwise, Kickstarter will be just another convenience store and not a home for innovation and passion. Looking forward to receiving my stuff in due course. Merry Christmas and a creative New Year.

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Glitches and hitches are fine - literally doing nothing upon delivery when it's called the world's smartest photo storage and management device is unacceptable. New photos do not upload, historic photos cannot be transferred to it (unless loaded from a phone or Hard drive to 32g or smaller cards), and if you get a photo to it, it can't be deleted. Literally, nothing works. The PS to the post above is offensive. The delivered product is a paperweight.

Craig, we understand your frustration and we're working very hard to resolve these issues. Our message was never meant to be offensive, just wanted to bring another perspective to your attention. 

Kind Regards,

The Monument Team