Updates across the board

Hi All,

We have just rolled out updates in all platforms. Here are the details:



* Resolved delivery issues with emails sent to outlook.com, msn.com and hotmail.com



* Added USB drive management

* Added an option to send diagnostic information

* Fixed a bug that caused app to crash when uploading to Monument

* Fixed a bug that prevented access code entry on small screen devices

* Fixed the layout problem when displaying photos in Browse

* Fixed a bug that prevented toggling some options in settings



* Fixed random crash during Bluetooth scan

* Fixed a bug that allowed creating albums with not photos in it

* Fixed layout problems and weird text rendering problem

* Fixed bugs related to management of favorites

Device Firmware


* Added USB drive management

* Added diagnostic information gathering

* Added handling of non-standard date/time headers in JPEG files

* Better SD Card handling now reports SD Card errors

* Report USB drive read errors

* Fixed a bug that prevented deleting photos

* Fixed a bug that prevented importing content with non-ASCII filenames 

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Good idea Bharat. We'll make a page for the revisions. 

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Please can support mention software/firmware revision numbers then we can check if we're up to date etc... PS. When you first register you device a very important recovery code will be emailed to you keep this safe, in case your device (phone/tablet) is locked out like mine was. Keep the updates flowing 


That screen shot is not indicative of boot loop. The lights on your unit are. Access code is for adding additional mobile devices, you need the recovery code, which was emailed to you. In general, uninstalling the App breaks the established secure link between device and App, and requires the recovery code for security reasons.


If you have a USB drive attached, remove during update. Please describe the lights when you insert the SD card and whether you see the changing lights as shown in the video. Also tell us where you are located.

If the update is failing without USB drives attached, the likely culprit is the SD card not being properly prepared.

Mine will not update with an SD card. I have tried 4 times, so no mine is "not okay now"!

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Now am locked out of my iPhone monument app What is the access code? How do I get it to re-log in? Very frustrating. GK

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Help! Just got my monument. Setting up with one drive iPhone 6s plus Monument device in reboot loop and doesn't stop Stuck! What to do? GK
(1.07 MB)

So it is ok now?

The longest I waited was for an hour but still just continued the process till it booted up. 

Mark, tell us, did it go through the light flickering for several minutes? If not the SD card may not be properly prepared. Where are you located?

I have followed the steps listed in the link getting a solid red led. 

Followed this but it just goes in a loop.. I don't get a green led


We have released a recovery software for those that are affected by the update. Please find the details here.

We will be releasing an SD card firmware update procedure momentarily.

How do I use my unit of its in a reboot loop and won't even connect to the app nor the access point to update the corrupt firmware. Do I send the unit back for a replacement?
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