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People Tagging

Some suggestions for people tagging:

Show a bigger image so it is a bit easier to tell, some people, specially young kids with siblings are tough to tell :)

Ability to rename people you tagged in case you made a mistake while entering the name (and to merge with existing names)

While entering the name - auto-complete to prevent typos and differences in how a name was entered

Will it do automatic facial recognition?  It didn't seem like it was doing it at all.

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Your (3) suggestions are very welcome. The face size may be dependent on the device you are using to a certain level. Its should be doing automatic facial recognition by grouping people.

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If it's doing facial recognition it's terrible. I had to manually select my daughter about 200 times.

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Our tests here indicate fairly high accuracy in recognition. Please provide screen shots of faces if you could indicating that it did not group similar faces together, which it should have. In the meantime, we escalate this to our engineering team as a ticket.

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I already went through and did it so I'm not sure how to show you what it did. I'll upload some more pictures later if it will let me and take screenshots of that for the ticket. I won't be uploading pictures of my child for a public forum.

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No need to upload pictures of any child to this forum. If you could show us how similar faces not grouped together, our engineering team can figure out whether any facial recognition took place. Thanks.

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I also have some face suggestions where it is either a black circle, or a portion of a photo where the circle is not over the face (it's centered on a sign near the person, some words, a shoulder, etc).

I use the Apple Photo app Faces feature quite a bit on my desktop, and I do prefer their setup where you can pick an established face to merge in when working with "new" faces. It took me a while to merge faces when I had to keep typing names :-) Unfortunately with photos of kids, there's always a lot of faces to merge as they grow each year!

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I too had to choose my kids faces a couple of times, but I liked that if i chose their name for the group, it would ask to merge with an existing one.


I am also finding this quite poor.  Many duplicates of the same people with one to four photos in each group. Very annoying.  I'll post a screenshot later.

I'd also like to see all photos in a group before labelling them.  A few times I've set a name for a group of faces based on just the photo I'm shown but then when I go and view all photos labelled with that name there have been other photos added that are not the same person.  <-- should I add this as a separate feature request or is it okay as part of this one?

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I accidentally clicked my daughters face and merged it with my sons, is there a way to get that picked moved to where it should be? Also is there a way to manually add someone in a picture as I have a photo with 3 people but only recognized one as a face.

The facial recognition does not work very well:

1. I have three faces set up.

2. Each of them has a small number of pictures (10-20) that are recognized to be that face.

3. If I click on "+ Add more faces", tons of separate instances of the same faces show up as choices in the "Suggested Faces" screen. I was assuming that by selecting and merging a couple of instances if the same face, the software then would recognize the face and automatically associate other pictures to it. This is not happening.

Feature request: in the Suggested Faces screen, allow users to select multiple instances of the same face and merge them together.

Thank you!

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Already implemented. Just name them the same. 

No, it is not. I am not being clear enough. Here is another try:
I understand that you can select a face from the Suggested Faces screen, add a name that is the same as an already named face and merge them together. The problem is that you have to keep doing this hundreds of times!!!
The Suggested Faces screen has 100s of instances of the same face, even after you named and merged a couple of instances. There are a ton more left. I would have to select each of them, one at a time, and give them the same name, one at a time, in order to merge them. This is very cumbersome and error prone to do for hundreds of instances of the same face.
What I am suggesting is that in the Suggested Faces, you allow the user to multiple-select many of the instances of the same face and merge them all at once by giving them the same name. That way you only have to do it once, not hundreds of times.


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The facial recognition in this is horrible.  Combined with what was said above, if you accidentally name something the wrong name, you have no way to rename the bad name, or to disassociate a picture with the wrong name and link it to the right one.  The more I use this thing the more I realize it's a complete waste of money right now and should not have been released yet.  I wouldn't even say this is ready for beta testing, more like alpha.  It really is that terrible.  

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Yes, I am having the same problems. I have about 100 instances of this. Let's make up numbers for this explanation. Let's say I have 100 photos of my daughter and I want to label her face. I go to create new face and out of 100 photos I have 25 different groups of 4. So I now have to click one group and type her name then save. Click the next group etc etc. I have to do this 25 times? This is just for one face. Now what if I want to include myself and my wife? That's another 50 times. I'd like to just click every group of my daughter and mass label her face with her name. And I've already mistyped a name, but the software does not allow for editing or correcting this type of mistake. Would greatly appreciate a timeline for these fixes.

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