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Error: operation could not be completed everywhere

I'm getting this when I: Try and associate pictures and faces Click view attached USB drives Click share diagnostic information

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We have new versions of the Android and the iOS Apps coming addressing a host of issues, possibly including this one. 

Possibly? It will or it won't? Is this a known issue? If not then how may this possibly be fixed?

Actually, we have released the latest update, as documented here, and this issue has not been resolved. Converting this to a ticket for engineering. Thanks for your patience.

I get this error when trying to transfer photos from my phone, which is the only function currently if I am not mistaken, so should I not even attempt to use the monument until these issues are fixed or what should I be using it for? Thanks hope that I do not seem rude I understand there will be some growing pains and I am in no rush :) keep up the great work

Ahmad; we are making daily improvements, and we have decent functionality now. But if you chose to wait a week or two, then you'd have some of the missing features also implemented.

Excellent, thank you and best of luck


After this morning's software update, the error message "operation could not be completed" still exist. the problem has not been solved.

We have reported this to engineering.

The message only pops up with certain pictures during initial upload. After initial sync is done and I scroll down trough the list of photos the message keeps popping up. I had to kill the iOS app. Afterwards it's trying to sync a number of photos and the message once again pops up and it seems the app isn't able to sync certain photos.

"Operation cannot be completed" -> fixed in 1.3, but seems like we overlooked some details. 1.3.1 is in the Apple App store queue to address the remaining issues.

Stuck analyzing -> will be resolved with today's firmware release (just released)

The message doesn't pop up anymore, but it still seems to skip a bunch of photos. After the update it was trying to sync. It started with 200 photos needed to be synced and the number to be synced decreased while the number of synced remained 1. Attached pictures show the decrease of the number to be synced.
(84.9 KB)
(82.2 KB)

@Wigle: It is possible that there is a problem file there that it gets hung up on, or causes miscalc of remaining pictures. We'll look into it.

Any idea when this will be fixed?

It took me about 15 minutes to get my monument setup.  The instructions are horrible on the IOS app.  I think those need some retuning.

It repeatedly says "Operation could not be completed." and shows about 20 photos on the Photos tab.  Although It's been running for about 30 minutes now and I can see the photos being uploaded at the top.. Are they really uploading and the screen is just not refreshing due to the error?

Seems like a buggy start here guys...