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Red light appear

in Android: version 1.03 cannot delete blank photo

in IOS version1.00 fake downloading software 

Red light appear after replug the power...

That is the expected behavior as long as the Red light turns off during boot.

Repeat solid red then white. And repeat again and again. The instruction talks nothing about red light, right? Regards.

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Red and white should not be alternating. Did you update the firmware Saturday evening (US Central time) by any chance? The device may be caught in a reboot sequence that may need addressing,

I am currently getting this as well. White blinking (6x), followed by apparent shut-off of device then solid red sequence. I believe I've been updating firmware as prescribed. Monument is basically inoperable now. Kindly help as this came out of nowhere after a good start. Thanks in advance!

If you have a drive attached to USB, disconnect. We have had reports of certain drives preventing the device from booting. We are looking into it. Apologies for the inconvenience. 

I am having the same problem. 6 white blinks and a solid red. Any help appreciated

I disconnected the USB drive (although it was originally operating just fine with It connected), and the same issue is occurring. At this point, my Monument is completely inoperable after maybe a couple of good working days.

Kenny, the symptom you are describing requires a firmware update over the SD card. Our tech support  is handling your ticket. 

It's no response for the moment even the SD card is placed and no usb drive connected.

Keep while blinks and solid red...

My device is flashing red and blue. Device/app is unusable

Disconnect all usb devices. Reboot. See if there is red flash in there still. If so, you need to update the your firmware. Details can be found here