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Both IOS and Android have problems


upload photos problem

updating firmware even it is up-to-day, and it's shown old firmware version


Show blank photos block and never can be deleted

No photos has shown after upload photos


Browse has more details in IOS than Android

Last night, we released new versions with corrections. You can find the improvement here.

Most of the feedback look negative. Should I upgrade the firmware? And mine shows red light and white light. I cannot connect it in different devices...

We have pulled off the firmware upgrade as there were problems with it. But the Apps are good improvement. Do not apply the previously queued firmware, and reboot unit instead. It will display the new firmware when available.

It cannot work anymore. The TV screen??? And cannot connect anymore. Can it be replaced by new one?
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Chung; we were under the opinion that you did not apply the firmware update from Saturday. If you did, there is a remedy. What are the lights in the front doing while it is displaying "snow" on screen? Thanks.