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No recovery code how can I start over?

I never remember getting a recovery code and now the app it does not recognize my phone at all. I never set up an access code either. Please advise how I can start over with this device.

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This is a known issue with certain email carriers not delivering this email. We have fixed it in the latest release, but please check to see if it ended up in your junk folder. Thanks, and kind regards. The latest release info is here.

I have same issue. And I have no mail in junk box.

We will be updating the Android client today that will have access code as well as reset capabilities. iOS App to follow shortly. Thanks for your patience.

waiting for iOS App recovery code....

iOS reset feature will be released tomorrow, but then we are the mercy of Apple's App approval queue.

Will I be sent the recovery code directly? 

Reset in Android does not work

For Android, please see this article for instructions.

Re: iOS reset--then what? delete and re-download the app (again)? 

No option to reset to factory settings in my setup screen with iOS

Not yet.

Tried to reload app to Iphone 5c because it only wanted to download software that was already there, now I'm locked out with no recovery code.  Please advise.

Any ETA on iOS recovery code???

We are at the mercy of Apple's approval queue. The App has been sitting there for three days now.