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Desktop Access to Monument.

All my network drives can be accessed from my desktop except Monument. I have to unplug drive and plug back into desktop to work with files. This is a must have in my book. Did not see that t only the future feature release table.

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It is not in the current committed features, but has been requested a number of times, so we are presently considering it. Thanks.

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I am a little surprised that it is not in the current committed features given it was given an ETA of 3 months after shipping in the Kickstarter FAQ:

That was the main function that I was after together with family sharing when I supported the project

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The dates on the implementation timeline are a bit conservative, also some features are more demanded than others. We will reshuffle as we go, and implement as soon as possible Thank you for your patience.

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Hi!  Will there be an app developed that I can use on my MacBook?  Did not realize I'd only have access on my phone.  Thanks for all the blood sweat and tears that have gone into this product!  I look forward to getting my pictures organized once and for all.  

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Thanks for the kind words. We will implement in the future. You can follow our most up to date feature roadmap here.

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I see the plans to allow import, But if it is going to be the primary repository of all of our photographs it should also allow photo management and editing. It doesn't necessarily need to do the management but allow other programs to do so.

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We are considering Lightroom integration for future.


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It would be great if also iphoto would be considered, as within iphoto i can use photoshop to edit. Could iphoto be set up to use the monument to store the images? It would save you developing something for mac, and give you more recources to finalize the apps for the devices. Also, when using the app on an ipad, an ipad app would be great to make use of the extra screen space.

I also did not read carefully enough your announcement and thought I would be able to view and edit my photos on my mac.  Without that ability the investment I have made on the product and the hard drives are pretty useless. I am waiting for you to implement that feature before using the product.  I do hope you announce when you have decided to go beyond considering it to planning to implement this feature. 

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