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Keep Monument Open Alert is really annoying, find a better way

My camera roll has 1483 photos in it, on an iPhone 5S.

Monument wants to stay open because it will be able to upload faster.  I am sure I could block all alerts, but I don't want to have to do that.

When I stayed on the Monument app, if I wasn't doing anything, the phone would lock very quickly -- company policy probably -- and then Monument would alert.  If I did anything else on the phone, monument would alert.  

There should be a better way to manage this.  

BTW, I think I finally got the last photos up.

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Other apps (Amazon Photos, Google Photos and BitTorrent Sync) all manage to do this in in the background.  Monument just seems to pause.

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By design, the App doesn't even need to be open with Monument. The device is supposed to take over the task, upload on the phone is supposed to be in the background. Don't that work?

The alert message "Keep Monument Open" implies that photo uploads are happening in the background when the app isn't active. The Monument team comment from 2-months ago also seems to imply the same.

However, background upload is NOT happening for me. Unless the app is in the foreground, it seems that the upload completely pause. When the app is active in the foreground, it is uploading photo at about 1.5-2 seconds per photo. When I go out of the app to another screen, and come back a minute later, the number of photos upload doesn't seemed to have advanced at all.

Any I the only one with this problem?

FYI... I'm uploading a big library from my iPhone 7 Plus (>3,000 photos with about 20% completed). Firmware is updated as of 2-days ago.

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@Yih: On Android, we upload in the background without restriction and at relative high speed. On iOS, the OS itself restricts this behavior. That's why that message is displayed. Unfortunately, we have little control over what iOS restricts the App from doing.

So our above message from 2 mos ago is about Android, without stating it explicitly, and as such, is confusing.

>3,000 is not a big number. We are routinely testing here with >20,000. We have at least one person who has a 200,000 photo library.

OK. So I've controlled the pop-up message in the iPhone "notification settings". Regarding the back-ground app upload, is it uploading but simply at a much slower pace, or not uploading at all once the iPhone goes into sleep mode? What's the best practice to keep the app active and upload going? Thanks!

I do have the same annoying alert message when I am uploading the photos from my iPhone 6.   The alert message comes up after uploading 3 ~ 4 photos and it appears to kick out the App because the LED light on Monument device turns to Solid White whenever this alter message comes up.

@Chi-Shiun: We are aware of an iOS bug that we fixed, and is currently waiting in the Apple approval queue. The status of the light should not be directly correlated to the App behavior in this case.

@Yih Ren: Unfortunately, this is restricted by the iOS, as we are able to upload much faster on Android without even having the App open. On the iOS, the only way around this problem is to keep the App open.

@Monument I don't really understand this though, both the Amazon Photos app the Google Photos app upload photos in the background.  All my permissions for background usage of data are the same etc, sounds like it's something that should be possible for Monument to do.

@Julian: iOS has different levels of "approval" on what an application can do, and what "frameworks" it can use, based on special requests to Apple. We are looking into this.

DS Photo from the Synology NAS makers is doing these background uploads also as soon as I am entering my wifi without the need to open up the App at all. That would really be great!
DS Photo from the Synology NAS makers is doing these background uploads also as soon as I am entering my wifi without the need to open up the App at all. That would really be great!
I have >30,000 photos to upload from iCloud. I have an iPhone. It's not practical to sit by my Phone ensuring the app is open. When the app closes the upload completely stops. I like the idea of your product but due to this issue I have not been able to utilise any of its features yet. Do you have another solution for upload?

Using the HD import method or SD card import method would bypass the iPhone issue altogether. But for either method, you'd need to download the photos first.

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