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Setup should not force wireless setup.

I had my unit plugged into my wired network, I have no plans to use it via wireless but was forced to setup wireless. So far the experience is pretty terrible.

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If you mean bluetooth for 'wireless', we need BT 4.0 for setup. But we do not need WiFi for usage or setup for model 217A (wireless + ethernet model). We do however, have a minor bug that shows WiFi access points even if a wired network is plugged in. Hitting continue without selecting a WiFi access point results in successful setup without a WiFi access point. We will fix this problem so that it will not ask for a WiFi connection if a wired connection is available.

I realise you have worked really hard on all of this, however its all clunky. and now working at all. I was only able to move on by setting up WiFi, the continue button was greyed out until i told it to connect, even though wired connection was plugged in.

Understood. We will fix this issue.

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