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Setup should not force wireless setup.

I had my unit plugged into my wired network, I have no plans to use it via wireless but was forced to setup wireless. So far the experience is pretty terrible.

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Understood. We will fix this issue.

I realise you have worked really hard on all of this, however its all clunky. and now working at all. I was only able to move on by setting up WiFi, the continue button was greyed out until i told it to connect, even though wired connection was plugged in.

If you mean bluetooth for 'wireless', we need BT 4.0 for setup. But we do not need WiFi for usage or setup for model 217A (wireless + ethernet model). We do however, have a minor bug that shows WiFi access points even if a wired network is plugged in. Hitting continue without selecting a WiFi access point results in successful setup without a WiFi access point. We will fix this problem so that it will not ask for a WiFi connection if a wired connection is available.

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