Firmware / Boot-loop Recovery

Devices that are in a boot loop can be recovered using the process detailed here.

Mac command for burning the image didnt work.

➜ Downloads pwd


➜ Downloads ls | grep *.img


➜ Downloads sudo dd bs=1m if=~//Users/braunsts/Downloads/recovery_sd_20161205_51.img of=/dev/disk4

dd: ~//Users/braunsts/Downloads/recovery_sd_20161205_51.img: No such file or directory

➜ Downloads

Got the disk to format but did not resolve my issue.

Did you have an issue with the boot loop, or did you apply this firmware?




this should be 




as indicated in the instructions.

I was able able to get the disk to format and update the firmware.  I was not in a boot loop, Never was I part of the ticket for the bootloop. I did this procedure since I received an email from support indicating to load this to try to resolve the issue I am having with the unit stuck on analyzing and getting stuck.  ticket #231.  Not sure how many support agents are responding to the tickets ( I am sure not enough right now ) but there seems to be some miss communications and confusion between tickets and agents.

There are several of us responding to tickets, but this is a forum. Not the ticket queue. If you have open tickets, they will addressed and closed one at a time.

Hi, I'm trying the SD install without an HDMI cable. No monitor either. Your link to the SD card image isn't working after multiple attempts. It takes around 5 mins to crawl to 2mb downloaded from 98mb, then gives the following error: Failed - Network error. 

My internet connection here is good and working - clocked 4.3Mb on download before writing this note. 

Can you please host the SD image where I can actually download it?




SD card does not need HDMI, so you should be fine. I just tested the link, and it downloads fine in less than a minute. Your internet link might indeed be the culprit. Where are you located?

Just did SD card firmware update and unit seems to stuck in a reboot loop. So far been doing this for 20 minutes now. Tried to attach video but said it was too long was one minute

Is there anything attached to the USB ports? If so, disconnect. Also may want to see this.

Nope nothing connected to USB ports on monument at time of using SD card updating monument or after SD card was removed from monument. After several hrs still seems stuck in reboot so just pulled the plug and there it sits DEAD!!!

It does not appear that you have successfully completed the update. We have sent to you a follow up mail to address this problem.

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It will great if you can update the link of firmware image to latest one in troubleshooting post. Thus, users won't need to update firmware again once you updated the firmware from SD card.

Please follow up my problem too. I cannot update the firmware through SD as well.

only red and white light only and repeat and repeat as long as it has power.

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