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Time Machine doesn't work

I have uploaded some photos from SDCard and iPhone 6S directly to Monument

After the analysis process is finished, I can review my Pictures from "Faces", and "Camera" 

but can not view my Pictures through "Time Machine", thanks

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You can follow our most up to date feature roadmap here.

Time machine is supported for IOS now, am I correct?

Should be working now. Please report if it isn't. We'll open a ticket.

Sorry, really cannot work, how can I open a ticket and what information I need to prvide

Please tell us exactly what's happening here instead then. 

My IOS app version is 1.1.0

After activate the device, I plug the SDCard into the slot and the photos are imported to Monument

after the analysis process is completed, I found "Faces" is working properly

But I cannot classify the photos in "Time Machine"

So, the next step I tried is take a photo through my iPhone 6s and upload through the apps

this photo can found in "Faces" but still cannot find in "Time Machine"

Alright, we have escalated to engineering. Thanks.

Any information I want to provide for investigation, thanks

Not working for me either on an iPhone 6, fully updated, & just started using Monument today. It just shows "No Memories".

Have you turned on the Auto Upload feature?

For me, I have not turned on the Auto Upload feature

Yes, Auto Uplaod feature is on.

If you are on Android, time machine is coming soon. Already on iOS. You can follow our most up to date feature roadmap here.

No, I'm using iOS 10.1.1 on an iPhone 6.