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Cannot connect while away from Home Wifi

When I am home my phone connects just fine, if I am out of the house and on cellular it never finds the monument. Is there something I need to do for it to work? Also is there going to be a way to access the photos from a computer ?

Some features are lagging behind a bit. You can follow our most up to date feature roadmap here.

Your product is not what you set out to deliver. It is not yet a consumer product it is work in progress. Firmware update hangs and even if I got it to work by acting like remote it I can still not use the device for remote backup. How could this product be so delayed and still not fully functional. Very disappointed!
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In order for the very first firmware update to proceed properly, Monument needs to be connected to a monitor or a TV using its HDMI connector in the back. Once you do so, restart Monument, relaunch the App, and setup the device once again. 

I am doing that. Even let it try over night so now my TV got burn in from the static screensaver. I will now try hard wired with Ethernet as often issues like this could be wifi related even though there is a strong signal sitting close to the wifi router.

Firmware update should take but a few minutes. What does it look like it is doing on the TV screen. You should see it download the update.

Once hardwired the download worked. ( I think you should recommend this over wifi start as there will be so many failures) Then the unit hanged a while on something saying "kirnel version etc" and then after a few restarts the unit is going. Did not like my first USB hard disk accepted the second. How do you suggest to get old photos on the disk if they are sitting on multiple devices but not on your phone or camera cards?

Import from hard drive is coming. Currently importing only from mobile devices and SD card slot.