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Add Additional Automated Tags

I just imported in around 1,000 photos, and going to browse >> search your photos, I see the following automated tags: "urban, indoor, seaside, ski".

Are there plans on adding additional automated tags (e.g. sunset), or are there other tags that should appear?

Also, using the actual search field doesn't seem to work. Typing "Urban" isolates the urban tag, but pressing the search button doesn't do anything. You have to click on the tag then in the list. This also means you can't currently search for more than 1 tag at a time.

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Sounds like a bug. Converting to a ticket.

It does return results if I click on the tag. Just nothing happens if I click on the "Search" button in the iOS keyboard. You have to click on the tag itself. It's just a little confusing from a UI perspective at the moment.

If 'urban' does not return anything, that means that none of the pictures were identified as such. As we move forward, we will add and refine tagging.

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