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Unit stuck analyzing?

Hello guys! I uploaded 6 gigabyte of pictures from my iPhone, however as it looks monument is stuck processing them: The app shoes "analyzing photos 1377 left", monument blinked white continuously and indicated it was processing. I left it on over night but 8 hours later it was still blinking. After power cycling Monument now blinks blue-yellow, the app still says analyzing pictures. If I click on camera, it only shows me around 1000 pictures of around 3000 uploaded. So it seems Monument transferred but did not process the pics? Does anybody else have his issue or do I just have special talent for running into glitches?

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I am having the same issue been stuck like that since day 1. Waiting for an update on my ticket

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Same problem here - analyzing 196 photos for the last two days.

No update? Currently, I can't do anything. While Monument occasionally uploads additional pictures, they are not analyzed, hence "camera" onl

World Map is empty, so is Time Machine, Faces I can choose and merge, but its highly fragmented, with in average just a few pics per face, despite the majority being my wife and me. Facial recognition definitely is still very basic.

Is there any official statement when the next firmware release is planned to fix at least the analyzing freeze? At the moment my Monument is nothing but a plastic box with connectivity.  :(  I have a half-written article ready for my blog and desperately hope for some improvement to find a positive ending for the article.

Understand your frustration, we truly apologize. We have found and fixed the problem with ‘stuck at analyzing’ problem, and currently doing testing. Will be out on Android quicker, shortly thereafter on iOS, as it takes longer to get approval in Apple store.

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Mine is exactly the same on Android - still analyzing.....and nothing appears on maps etc

Steve, are you on the latest release. We have addressed this 'analyzing' issue on the Android already, and iOS is hung up in the Apple approval queue.

Yes, I am on the latest release - I had all photos stuck analyzing (around 1800) before the Android update - now it is stuck around 410 photos or so and has not moved in days.

Steve, we are informing engineering to look into this.

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Still stuck on analyzing after the iOS update

A firmware update will come out later today / tonight that will address this issue.

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Sorry guys, updated iOS to 1.02, and did a firmware upgrade just now (any way to see what firmware I am on?). Unfortunately no progress: still "can"t complete operation" error, still 3446 pictured stuck on analyzing. Time machine empty, world map empty, camera shows about 1000 pictured. Unit blinking white....
I have the same issue, before and now after updating app and firmware to the latest as of this morning.

Same here...Android app and Monument updated late last night - and these are the same as previous poster - Time machine empty, world map empty, Unit blinking white....

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Same here

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