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Is it Just Me?

I received the two models I ordered and immediately set one up.  I learned:

1.   There is no ability to connect it to a monitor, even though it has an HDMI output port.  So, you have to rely on your smart phone.

2.  With the App, you can only use it in Portrait mode.  So photos are small, hence the reason for needing a monitor output (which doesn't work).

3.  Don't know why, but it doesn't Search for anything that you type into the Search line.  Not even for the faces that I had already identified.  I have to go to the Face section and click on one to find.  But if I type the same name in Search, nothing happens.

4.  I have a lot of photos of things, and can't Search for any of them.  That's because  you can't even tag the photos with general tags or comments to help it to Search.  So now I have a lot of photos that I can't find.

5.  In the Search history, under Time Machine, it gives you the current week, then goes back each year, under the identical dates, to see if you have photos.  If you didn't take photos on those dates, you don't see anything.  So I have a few years of photos, and can't go back and pick any dates to look at them.  Not an option.  So if I want to look for a certain name, or item, or medical photo of my heart from 2011, forget it, it has no clue at all.

6.  I selected a few Photos and clicked the Trash icon.  It asks if you want to delete them.  I clicked Yes.  It didn't delete anything and gives an Error saying Operation could not be Completed.  That doesn't work either.

7.  I scanned a lot of my old photos to a USB drive and want to add them.  You can't connect to the back USB inputs, that's just for storage drives.  The only physical input is the SD card slot.  There's no USB to SD card dongle, so you have to go to a computer and transfer all to an SD card, as long as the card is not bigger that 32 Gb.  But then, I can't tag any of those old scanned photos with the year taken, comments, or even Search for any of them.

I didn't sign up for any of this.  I expected something to work that gave at least basic photo management capabilities that are already in the cheapest basic photo managers.  I'm not getting that at all with this device.  I'm very disappointed already in this product and ready to send them back.

 Apologies for the inconvenience, but almost all of that is coming. You can follow our most up to date feature roadmap hereWe are making daily improvements.

"Almost All" is coming?  What I listed are basic photo management items that the simplest Apps and software already have, and most are free.  You provided me a basic, non-working device that I can't use.  There are so many limitations to it, it is currently worthless.  Not something you ship out to the customer.  It's still an untested Beta prototype.  I didn't sign up for this to be shipped to me, then have to wait months or longer and hope it's "almost all" done.  I packed them both up and shipped them to your Chicago office.    I can't use them for months is what you're telling me.    Not going to be your beta tester either.  Rather disappointing.  Here's the UPS Ship No. 1ZHLT696P200029212 that's coming to you with both of them.  Good luck in future for getting them to work.  It's definitely not ready for the market yet.

Joy Koytch: It's like this when you are participating on kickstarter and other crowdfunding projects. The project isn't always a perfect product but give it some time. I'm sure they are working hard to make it better. Isn't it fun to see what is coming and give the developers suggestions on what they can fix instead of buying a finished product that you can't be a part of...