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Connecting Additional Mobile Devices

I tried to follow some of the discussions on this, but can't quite make out how to get additional mobile devices connected to my Monument to download their pictures. I have connected my iPhone and download all pictures successfully, but can't connect others.

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That will done through the access code, which is not yet visible in the App. Coming soon. Thanks for your patience.

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@Zadok, sorry for the late reply, are you still having this issue?

Dear Team Monument, Has multi-user support been implemented? I am trying to "connect to existing monument" with my wife's Android phone, but the app returns "ERROR: Cannot find Monument in current network." I have connected the device with the same 2.4Ghz wifi network and turned in its bluetooth to no avail.


her iPhone will not stay connected to the Monument

Known issue. We will fix as soon as we can.

I see my wife (iPhone) as another user, but with 0 photos

If she shared her photos, you should be able to see. If not, we'll need to have our Engineering to take a look at this.

So things are making headway with multiple users, but my current status is this; on my Android phone, I see my photos, and I see my wife (iPhone) as another user, but with 0 photos. If I select Browse then Cameras, I see her iPhone, but with 0 photos. On her iPhone, she sees both my and her photos. However, as of late, her iPhone will not stay connected to the Monument. It connects, then immediately disconnects, then re-connects, etc. Both apps are updated as is firmware. Any help is appreciated.

@King Pi: The first user has added privileges for approving the following users. Apart from that we have no privilege differences. However, we will consider your suggestion in the future. May be best to put it to the Feature Request Area.

Setup new user is a no brainer. Very easy and smooth. Good job. But I would love to have different user levels so normal user can not change setting accidently.

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@Prassanna: That is not the expected behavior. Our engineering will get in touch with you.

@Matt: we are going to add a share button between accounts, we are working on it right now...

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I've been able to add my wife's phone to the monument, and add her as a new user with the new update. Great! However, she isn't able to see any of the photos already uploaded. Also, I uploaded a photo from her phone, and I can't see it on mine. I see on her phone (iOS) there is the option to see what users the app shows, I have both of us selected. I don't see that option on mine (Android). Both apps can "see" the USB drive. Help please, thanks. Matt
Overall improvement but still has issues. There needs to be a way to grant other users "admin" access to everything. For example we setup my wife's phone but she only sees what I explicitly give her access to. No dice there. Also, If you already had the app installed on a second device and then tried to login after the update it just sits there and connects and disconnects in a loop. You need to uninstall and reinstall to get it to work and sign in as another user. There should be a login logout option to resolve this.

Wow, finally, it works!! Great job on getting this feature to us.  

But now, here's a follow up issue. I have to authorize my phone via email authentication EVERY time I restart the app. Which means, each time I launch the monument app on the same phone, an email will be sent to me where I have to approve my phone to connect to my user. Come on guys, please look into this and figure out a one-time authentication process so we dont have to go thru this every single time the app is launched. It is totally a deal-breaker!!!!

@Prassanna" We have released a multi-user and multi-device with a better process with a major update 2 days ago. Please try the new version which does not require access or recovery code.

OK, so when I launch the android app, I have the option to setup the monument device or buy a new one. Setup leads to a login screen or the option of factory reset. But when I login using the details I used at initial setup, it turns on Bluetooth and searches for the monument device. So I'm confused about where to enter the recovery code I've received.
OK, when I launch the android app, I have the option to setup monument device or get a new one. That takes me to a login screen to enter my name and email. The other option is the factory reset. When I enter the login details I used to setup, it turns on Bluetooth and searches for the monument device. So..... Where do I enter the recovery code?

@Jonathan: We will be retiring the access code / recovery code concept very soon, to make it far more easier.

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