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Cannot initialize monument

I have 3 phones samsung galaxy note 3, note 4 and 7 edge. Only note 3 succeed to initialize. So I cannot use in other phones. I tried to restart other phones and did again, but the result is same. How can I use my monument all the three phones?

You will need to use the access code, which is not yet visible in the App. Coming soon, and apologies for the inconvenience.

I think it is not related in access code. Because 2 phones caanot find monument - Galaxy note 4 and 7 edge.

without access code, you cannot use more than one mobile device. The access code will enable 5 devices. Are you on the latest Android version that came out yesterday?

Yeap, I updated today, and then re-tried. But still cannot find the monument.

That's unusual, because the update we released yesterday solved all of those problems. Please tell us a bit more about those two devices, and where it is telling you that it cannot find. Also, would you be willing to install a bluetooth diagnostic tool on your device to see if the diagnostic tool is seeing the device? Thanks.

On Samsung Galaxy note 3, monument is found. On Samsung Galaxy note 4 and Galaxy 7 edge, it is not found and also not shown in bluetooth tool.

Would you install a blue tooth diagnostic tool for us on one of those devices?

OK.. Let me know how to do.

Our engineering will contact you. Thanks.

I am waiting for your contact...