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Photo Privacy

Just received my Monument today! Was unable to connect via bluetooth at first, but a help article here helped me sort it out. Anyways, the one thing I have been unclear on is if my photos are ever being sent and stored on Monument Lab's servers. When photos are being "analyzed" is that happening locally on my device or in the "cloud"? When remote access becomes available will I be accessing the photos directly off my device or are the thumbnails and viewed photos first being uploaded to a server and then accessed from there?

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All of your photos are on your device. None of your media goes out. Analysis happens in the Monument device in your home. When you access your pictures remotely, you connect to your box, which is holding your pictures. They are not served out of our servers, as our servers have none of your data.

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I was hoping that's how it worked. Thanks!

Cheers. :-)

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