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Auto-Upload Feature - Pick Folders

The mobile app needs the ability to select which folders you want auto-uploaded.  My first upload put a bunch of junk pics like screen shots that I didn't want to keep.  

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This is a very important feature to have. Truly wish you consider this one.

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I would love this. After the album up loaded is done may be automatically created the album with the same title would be perfect. Basically just like copy and past.
Also if you have different phones with the app, it would be nice to have a seperate album for each user, sometimes you don't want to merge all your families pictures.

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Yes please. I was looking to request this as well. With the 'auto upload' feature ticked, my phone has currently uploaded other folders of pics, instead of pics from camera. I would have liked to specify the camera pics.

I hope this is under consideration and shouldn't be too difficult to implement!

Multiple users on Monument is coming next week, and each user will have a separate space. Each user will be able to have 'unlimited' mobile devices, but the storage space between a user's mobile devices will be shared for under that user's account. If they are different devices, you should be able to see them separated under cameras.

My request is for the first post in the thread. Auto upload should work on specific folders (either the camera folder in Android also named camera roll in ios, or the ability to choose which folders on the phone to be considered for auto upload, ignoring the rest)

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@Zaid: Thanks for the clarification. We will consider this request.

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Thanks! Nothing worse than uploading screenshots or whatsapp images to monument then deleting them one by one.

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I think this is a must for all Android users. I would love to see it as well.
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