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Memory needs of mobile app

Hi guys,  

not as much a feature request than a question:

My picture collection on my iPhone takes 11.11 GB, my Monument app takes 7.48 GB of memory. I am not entirely sure if all pictures are synced as I am affected my the freeze in the analyzes stages, but I wonder if this is intended that the app needs almost as much space as having the pictures full size on the phone.

Can you explain a bit how this actually works?


This appears to be a bug, that we are looking into right now. It only keeps thumbnails on your mobile, which should not take up 7.48 GB of memory. 


Our team has identified this issue and fixed it. We're anticipating that a new release with this bugfix will be available next week.

Thank you.

I have a similar problem in that as Monument runs on my iPhone it uses up memory in my local storage till now I have a little more than 600mb left and over 12gb used for photos. I have 60gb of photos in total on iCloud.

@Donald; We had an earlier problem with overuse of storage on iOS, and as indicated a couple messages above, we believe we had addressed it a week or two back. If you are still having this issue, please submit a ticket with the specifics (how much space used, etc.), and diagnostics (Settings/Submit Diagnostics). We'd like to understand this better.

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