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Won't import anymore

My Monument storage drive is a Seagate 4TB and I've been using a 64GB SD card formatted NTFS to import my pictures. So this went along, albeit a little slow for my taste. After something over 40,000 pictures, it benignly stopped importing anymore. I would put the SD card in with maybe 18,000 more pictures and the normal importing procedure would start. After some seconds, the light would flash blue saying to check the app for action. I'd check the app and it would say there was an SD card there and I clicked Import Once. Instead of spending the next few hours importing, it took a few seconds to think about it and went back to idle - no import!

Did I break it? There is tons of space on the storage drive.

On the storage drive, there is 151GB, or 41,511 files in .incoming.

For the record, the Monument rejected my 200GB SDxc card formatted NTFS.

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Thank you for your feedback. Converting this to a ticket for our engineering to look at.