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Photos "stuck" in .incoming folder

So I just plugged my HDD into my laptop to see what I could see and firstly I'm really pleased to see a mostly*(see below) sensible file structure, makes me really happy that at some point in the future if I need to get some folders the old fashioned way I won't just have a single folder with every photo in.

But I noticed there were three photos in the .incoming folder.  The are three photos in the middle of a bunch of other photos that have imported properly.

What can I do to make them show in Monument?  Should I just move them into the correct month folder myself?

*The only issue I have with the folder structure is that both my wife and I have an iPhone 6S.  This has meant that all of our photos now share folders rather than them being kept separate.  When the app is updated so I can see her photos I'm not sure how you're going to separate them?  It may have made more sense to have added the name of the user who uploaded photos in the device folder name, and then "[Camera name] via SD" for photos loaded from SD card.