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Screenshots not visible

Hi, I've done my initial load from my phone to my monument device but screenshots from my phone and not showing in the monument app. I'm not sure if this is because monument is only showing pictures that were taken with recognised cameras or if they aren't backed up. What's happening? Thanks, Julian

Should be recognized. This sounds like a bug.. We are converting this a ticket.

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An update - so I've just found the screenshots at the bottom of all my photos. So the bug is not that they aren't backed up but that they are not in date order with the photos. Thanks for your support.

Hi, thanks for your reply.

I found the screenshots in the end, but all at the end of all my photos.  So maybe the real bug is that these are not placed in date order with all the other photos.

We are aware of a date order sorting issue, and we will fix that as soon as we can.