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"Update available (kernel_1.1.0,app_1.1.15)"

So I'm plugged in via HDMI and it does a couple of firmware updates then just hands with this message on the screen and does nothing? Android 6.0.1 user

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What is the App saying? Is there a notice on the screen for firmware update?

The app itself says nothing. The screenshot I shared is after 2 firmware updates have already occurred.

If you can restart the device, and report whether it is still indicating a firmware update.

This is the exact problem I reported under the post "Setup frozen on "Update Available" screen".  They say it has been escalated to engineering.  

Then it is... Engineering will contact you.

Note that I am just saying this looks very similar to my problem - of course any further input from B Mann would be helpful to ensure they are indeed the same problem.  

Duly noted.

Does a 94.2mb firmware update first thing, then a 512kb one, then freezes on the "kernel" screen.
Oddly the app is now asking for an access code from a previous device? (I aspect that stems from my attempt to 'factory reset' things?) Where do I locate that code??

You don't have the access code (yet). That is for multi-device linking, which we have not yet enabled.

Then why during the factory reset process did this arise? I guess that tells you what my app is saying to me right now... More importantly why can't I get past this 'kernel' problem?

Our engineering is looking into this kernel problem as it has been reported a few times. We will resolve the issue as soon as we understand the reasons behind it. It is probably not a coincidence that this comes up during the reset procedure, as we have not seen this issue before, and we just released the reset on Android on Friday. So there are some clues.

So I guess I find myself in the brick pile as well then? No ETA? No clue? So us Kickstarter supporters have unwittingly turned into your beta testers? Boo.