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Photo Info

Can we get info on photos (date and time taken, size, camera it was taken, location, resolution, etc.) found on each picture on a tab at the bottom while looking at the picture?

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Yes, please! Even my stock phones cheap gallery app provide some baisc EXIF Information.
I mean it could be displayed by a click on a icon or swipe or whatever. But currently it is impossible to get any metadata for the photo on monument.

Perfect would be:
  • Option to show metadata for current viewed image, by icon or swipe
  • Display most important meta data like:
    Camera, Flash, Exposure, Lens, Timing
  • Optionally if embedded show a link or a map where the photo was taken
  • Optinally allow to tag people in it or at least show the people who was already found in it

This would make the monument app so much more useful for me!

Thanks alot!


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