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Desk Top App

I request you guys put into your 'road map' a desktop app. One that works just like the phone app. You can drag folders on images/videos into it & it will filter/organize all images & upload them to the Monument unit. (similar to google drive or eye-fi) The will make this machine THAT much more useful & worth the $

(My 3 cents & humble opinion)   

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 I'd settle for a web-interface version accessible through the local network as well - probably less work than building a whole app on the desktop for Windows, OS X and Linux... Web interface would work with them all, and if it's HTML5 it can probably re-use 95% of the code. (Yep, SW engineer here)

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Really, how do you design a network appliance without an HTML interface? SMH. Of course, it's also lacking USB 3, so maybe this dropped out of a time-hole from...2007?

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