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Identify duplicate photos

I thought that I recalled from the original Kicstarter that Monument would identify duplicate photos? This is a must for me since my photos are a mess and stored on multiple devices. My plan was to load them all on Monument and let it identify duplicates for me so I could delete them. 

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It does identify the duplicates, and does not upload them. We are planning to make it more robust as we go.

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There is a problem with this.  My wife and I both have an iPhones 6S hooked up to the same Monument but where we have the same photos from Whatapp the app gives an error (something like "Operation could not be completed") and then the autoupload stops.  This means that we can't sync our phones with Monument.  I'm about to raise this as an issue.

"Operation cannot be completed" -> fixed, and submitted to the App store (iOS) and they should approve in the next 2-4 days

Stuck analyzing -> will be resolved with firmware release this week


We are not aware that 'duplicates' cause problems, even though files names, and GIF files are known to have caused problems, which are addressed or being addressed. What are the reasons that duplicates are suspect?


I've tested this by using the manual upload option and a photo both my wife and I have received through Whatsapp.  I uploaded it using one phone and then tried to upload it on the other.  The second phone shows this error.  Then when I delete it from Monument on the first phone and I can upload it on the second and then no longer upload it on the first.



Julian thank you so much... Based on that detailed description, we figured out what's going on. The firmware on your Monument is properly rejecting the duplicate photo as it should, but on the client side, this fact is not handled properly, and it appears to be an error when the photo is deliberately rejected. We will fix this, this is an App bug. Thank you so much.

Thanks.  Looking forward to the fix!

What about the same picture with different filename or if it in different size, will the Monument recognized them as duplicates?

Currently only same (size) pictures are recognized as same. We are considering size difference for future.

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You may need to make a stronger analysis for false positives, same size, but different pictures.

So only same (size) pictures are recognized as same: then will be loosing lots of Same Sized but Different location, date/time pictures!!!

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I tend to end up with the same picture 3 or 4 times because I've go the original, an instagram filter version, a cropped version, and then some other version who knows how it go there. Duplicate from a screenshot, who knows. But BASICALLY, they're all the same picture. (Ok the instagram one is kind of different, but ones where it's the same photo content, just a different size or cropped, THOSE would be great to identify as duplicates. And then have the user choose to do different things with the upload. I realize this is a VERY challenging request, but ultimately, I think it's a feature that will truly make this a unique product. 

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I recently set up my monument and uploadedaround 6000 photos. There are many duplicates and even triplicates... how can I resolve this ?
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