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brick on the shelf

i did the updates and setup but all i have is a solid white light.

i tried inserting a memory stick, white light remained solid.

when i launch app it says i need to install a usb drive to get started.

i then unplug the usb drive plug it back in, it then asks if i want to use it as storage device.

i select yes, then what?

nothing happens.

if i restart app it asks the same thing 'install a usb storage device'

im on version 1.0.576

pretty much useless to me the last 5 days.

Turn on "auto upload" once you connect the USB and accept.

That comes across as a very tired response........ Auto upload is on!

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If you answered yes the first time when it asked you to use that drive for USB, then it should not ask for the same drive a second time. Can you provide video / screen shots, etc.

I have not had this problem for a while now. The app updated, then this.....
Does this mean anything?
.... And this...

Cannot reach the device, and it is instead cycling through cache. Please refer to these instructions.

Inactive -> not plugged in. Plug it in. If you are on Android, and want to add another drive, you can remove the first drive using the latest version released last night, and add another drive if you wish.

It is plugged in. It's been plugged in since day one, but every now and again is asks to connect a drive. So far I have not received an answer for any query that I can do anything with.

Please send us your diagnostics (Settings/Send Diagnostics). We have had cases where people remove drives, reformat, and then it no longer is recognized as the same drive.