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HTML Web Site

From a laptop or other device it would be nice to browse to a website. This would show the photos on the monument, allow you to select favorites, allow you to select photos of a specific time, person, etc.

Also this would allow you to configure other parameters such as where the backups are going, and show status of previous backups.

Also an email to give a status report on the backups.

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I agree 100%

Or else an app to install on your PC that allows you to do what I mention above. Select photos to view, select favourites.

The configuration aspect is like my NAS. It allows me to configure stuff by browsing to a website.

My NAS emails me various reports when things go wrong.

It would depend on what the monument device is capable of.

The lack of an HTML interface *and* a physical reset button make me think the team had no experience with network appliances. Every other box I have plugged in to an ethernet cable has both of these, even if rudimentary. The fact that this is entirely app-based makes me regret the decision to give them my money.
Since my device doesn't work right now out of the box, maybe I can return it?
Yeah, I crack myself up, too.

I've suggested a feature here which would come out of the box on other devices. But let's just remind ourselves where we got this device from? Kickstarter. So I think we just need to give these guys a chance. Use the device with the current features, or shelve it for a bit and come back to it. Personally the backup option is important to me. But all that means is I won't use this device as my primary device for the minute. Happy with that. But happy to experiment in the mean time.

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I find it a shame that there is no downvote button on this site.

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