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Recovery code

Here is how it goes so far. All set plug in with iMac monitor, ios app shows enter recovery code (but never got one, even the junk mail) android shows cannot find monument. setting up this is pain in the ass pls help !!!!!!!!!!

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Please describe what you did so we can help you:

  • Have you set the device up?
  • Have you reset the device?
  • Have you deleted the App?
  • Have you updated the firmware?
  • What color light do you have?
  • What's an 'iMac' monitor? Do you mean you are using the iMac as a monitor?

Thank u for the reply 1: yes i set up the device 2:yes I reset it manytimes 3:I deleted and reinstall app 4:I tired to updated the firmware the very first time, it stock for 4 hours, then I rest the device, and deleted the app. And now it shows enter recovery code. 5:the light is in white non blink 6:yes I use iMac as monitor. Looking forward to see you help

#3 is why it needs the recovery code. If you are on the very latest firmware released yesterday, we can possibly give you your recovery code. If not, please update.

I can't update from app, it keep showing "enter recovery code"

You are on original firmware. You will need to do SD card firmware update. Follow here.