Updates (12/13/2016)

Hi All,

After a busy week we have the following updates on all fronts. 

iOS (1.2)


* Added device reset functionality

* Suggested faces can be deleted

* App now shows a connectivity information bar at the top

* Improved connectivity to Monument

* Fixed USB drive management (now you can remove unplugged drives)

* Fixed a bug that caused initial setup to freeze with a continuous animation

Android (1.0.586)


* Added device reset functionality

* Added an option to send diagnostic information

* Improved setup and Bluetooth connectivity

Device Firmware (1.1.17)


* Added factory reset functionality.

* Better SD card handling. Fixes issues with some cards not being detected.

* Better USB drive handling. Fixes issues with some drives not being recognized. 

* Fixed 'Stuck on Analyzing' issue.

* Fixed a bug that caused some units not recognizing serial code.

We have been struggling to address a variety issues originating from Android hardware and software fragmentation. As a result, we have been releasing more frequent Android updates. Look for a few more updates later this week.

Thank you for your support.

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We just pushed it out on Android. Should be available right now.

That's a bug. We are fixing.

Also I have noticed that my 'Favorites' no longer show up.  While it says I have '2' marked as Favorites, it shows nothing.  I cannot edit them either, the button just flashes and does nothing.  I just feel like every facet of this is fraught with issues.  :( 

Understand, and apologies for the inconvenience. Even though it is no consolation, we are working hard to bring editing to Faces.

Waited overnight and still stuck analyzing at the exact same number...zero progress. Naming them the same name yes, but Heaven forbid you slip up and put a space after their last name...that gies you two people who look identical in your last with seemingly no way to fix it? The facial recognition seems a bit behind other software as well forcing me to do a LOT of tagging (and the system doesn't offer a way to tag multiple photos then name them all once). Tedious.

Analyzing will take a while. The problem has been reported resolved, but if it persists, we'd like to know. You can merge faces by naming them the same. Will get better from here. World Map feature will be coming soon.

Android user. Did the app update, that led to the suggested firmware update which I did. Power cycled everything and I AM STILL STUCK ANALYZING. Gained the 'faces' feature but that's still a mess...TONS of pics of the same person to match-up up and that's flawed to some degree it seems. Also noticed I LOST the 'Monument use' aspect of the USB storage info? World Map feature comes up with a map but nothing on it? Help? (Again)

"Operation cannot be completed" -> fixed in 1.3, but seems like we overlooked some details. 1.3.1 is in the Apple App store queue to address the remaining issues.

Stuck analyzing -> will be resolved with today's firmware release (RELEASED)

Any update on the "stuck on analyzing" firmware bug? Will the firmware update come out today?

@Rick: thanks for the request. We have informed engineering.

A quick request here, can we get the updates posted with the app on the app store (Android), there's an option to include "whats new" (or similarly named) when you upload the new version of the APK, please could you use that? 

Every time there's an update i need to come here and trawl the website, or randomly click the app, to find what was changed.


When are you going to update the future release timetable?

Features such as face recognition on iOS are ticked as delivered but simply don't work.

Galaxy S7. Monument SD firmware completed. Get to the point of 'Monument found' screen but it just hangs there and died nothing beyond that? Flashing blue light on the Monument. HELP!

Awesome... :-)

@Monument Labs Support

I was able to resolve my issue by disconnecting the HD and power cycling monument. It then re-downloaded the firmware and allowed me to connect with my Galaxy S7.

Thanks for your help.

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