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"Browse Suggestions" for people sorting improvement

So far, knowing this is a work in progress, I'm loving it so far. Have some usability suggestions for the people sorting face matching section (in order of need) 1. Allow "untagging", I accidentally mistyped a name and now I can change it for the two photos that are erroneously tagged 2. Allow selecting multiple "suggestions" and tagging them with a name all at once 3. Allow a way to click into a group of photos before tagging them as a person (sometimes you just can't tell from the angle who they are) 4. Allow the ability to "dismiss" a photo, the face recognition algorithm is very good but sometimes it pulls out something that isn't a face and isn't a picture of a person, would be nice to tell the app to ignore it That is all :-) Most of those could probably be handled with an "edit" button in the upper right corener on either the names screen or the suggestions screen in order to keep the convenient one tap to name a group of suggested faces default action Keep up the good work, love the quick agile iterations and constant improvements (I am a software engineer myself so I can appareciate greatly what you are doing)

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Well said Kevin. I concur. 

I would also like to see an option to sort the tagged faces either by last or first names. Thanks

Great suggestion, makes a lot of sense

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