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Monument breaks ARC (audio return channel) with audio video receiver

With the monument plugged into my Denon Avr-1911 the audio return channel no longer works. As soon as its unplugged it goes back to working. The hdmi control on Sony Bravia tv (Bravia sync) won't work with it plugged in either. No big deal for now, but a major issue once you implement any sort of hdmi output.


@Jason, we heard you and informed engineering when you posted the original message. We have not tested this at all, but it is on our list.

At this point the only fix is to remove pin 13 from the hdmi cable. Your device is doing something on the cec channel. I've tried this with multiple receivers and tvs now.

Jason, thank you for letting us know the hardware remedy. But we will most certainly look into it. 

Wanted to revisit this now that the HDMI can actually be used. Will this be looked into and when?

We are aware of this problem, but until we complete the feature set, we won't have a chance to look at it. We figure late Feb, or early March. We will ask you then to test for us, as we are lacking the proper equipment to fully test this. 

Same issue here. Looking forward to get a solution for it too. At the moment, I have to unplug my Monument after usage, because I can't use any audio related HDMI feature while it is connected, as mentioned by Jason.

Any update yet? Now that video is out this is a major problem.
Hello? Anyone there?

Hi Jason,

We understand your frustration, however this issue didn't get enough request from our community, so we had to focus on other matters. 

I hope you understand that as a startup we have to divert our efforts to the points that affect the majority of the users.

That being said, we are now taking this issue into our scope and we will get back to you once we investigate this issue. 

Thank you.

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