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Firmware update but iOS app still spinning icon

This is an update to another thread:

- Was finally able to load up the new firmware (from 12/15) and the monument seems to boot fine.  Great!  White light.  

- However, when launching the app, I am STILL getting a spinning "Waiting" animation and cannot interact with the app at all.   Force quitting the app and restarting does not work

- If I try plugging in the USB drive, the monument light blinks blue, waiting for user input, I but I can't respond on the device.

So what can I do now?  Reinstalling the app requires a recovery code, but I never got an email in the first place.....

Please help!

So this got moved to a ticket 3 days ago, but hasn't been touched since and is still "processing".  I would really like to start using my Monument...

"Operation cannot be completed" -> fixed

Stuck analyzing -> will be resolved with firmware release this week