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Nothing new for a while now?

Wondering where and what Monument is working on? Seems like the updates and communication has been pretty minimal lately. Still hoping for more info to get my system unstuck from 'analyzing' and also seeing what seems like a lot of others with varying issues that don't seem to be getting attended to? Hello? LOVED the promise that Monument seemed to show (and still very hopeful) just hoping for constant progress, updates, and COMMUNICATION!

We have been releasing updates regularly, and answer tech support fairly quickly. We are gearing up to release new Apps today (will take the iOS version to clear approval probably 3-4 days), and we will also release new firmware today. More will be coming, and thanks for your support.

That sounds promising. I'm still stuck in the app 'analyzing' so I'm hopeful the new app/firmware is the fix! How will the firmware get to us? Thanks Monument.

"Operation cannot be completed" -> fixed, and submitted to the App store (iOS) and they should approve in the next 2-4 days

Stuck analyzing -> will be resolved with firmware release this week

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